Climbers of all ages come from all over the world to boulder at the historic and beloved Hueco Tanks.

Whether you're a new or seasoned climber, avoid the long lines and difficulty of getting in by going to Hueco Tanks with us! Our certified guide/instructor knows the park well and will take you to the best spot available for a half-day of ropes climbing or bouldering in the amazing Tanks.

We'll lead you on an energizing hike through the beautiful maze of boulders and vegetation to whatever type of adventure you seek, whether bouldering or sport-climbing—and always, the chance to see some amazing ancient rock art (pictographs) along the way.  All equipment needed is supplied by Cave Climbing. See below for tour descriptions.

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We will visit multiple locations for world-class bouldering tailored to your experience level or that of the class in the back country of Hueco Tanks. Bouldering tours are typically from 9am—5pm, depending on the season/weather conditions.


Sign up for one of our trips to the tall faces of Hueco's North mountain or the  local crags in the Franklin Mountains and learn how to top rope, sport climb, traditional climb, belay, tie knots, make anchors, rappel, and many other skills... or simply to have a good time out on the rocks! 

Email to request a guided trip to Hueco or sign up here on our website for a trip we have planned.

Learn more about the amazing  Hueco Tanks , a place we have tremendous respect for.

Learn more about the amazing Hueco Tanks, a place we have tremendous respect for.