What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing (usually lower to the ground) without ropes. The flooring below you in a gym like ours is a dense, specially-designed foam pad. It makes falling as comfortable as possible when used properly.  The Cave also provides special route-setting for those who want to stay lower to the ground (working laterally along the wall, or traversing).

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Interested in Taking A Class or Private Lesson?


Why Climbing

Widely considered one of the most enjoyable workout challenges for your body and mind, climbing has it all, from the thrill of adventure to the mind-bending pleasure of solving a puzzle with your body through sheer flexibility, footwork, and strength.

The best part for beginners is that climbing allows you to go at your own pace—building and toning multiple muscle groups with each session, strengthening your endurance and burning calories, all alongside the great community that climbers are known for.

On your first visit to The Cave, you'll be welcomed and instructed by our friendly staff who will give you a brief orientation with a fall-safety test.

We'll answer your questions and help in every way possible to give you the best visit we can!